Myth: Hospice is for patients who have given up and are close to death.
Fact: Hospice is about living! Sometimes patients even get better and are taken off of hospice.

Myth: Hospice care is expensive.
Fact: Hospice is completely covered by most insurance companies, Medicare, MediCal and VA benefits.

Myth: Hospice over medicates the patient causing excessive sleep, confusion and addiction to pain medication.
Fact: One goal of hospice is to make the patient comfortable, pain free, and as alert as possible, allowing the patient to have a better quality of life.

Myth: A Senior Managed Care patient must get authorization from their HMO.
Fact: Most Seniors revert to Medicare for the hospice benefit and can use the hospice of their choice.

Myth: Hospice uses morphine which causes the patient to die sooner.
Fact: Hospice uses morphine and other pain medications to keep the patient comfortable. It does not cause death.

Myth: The hospice patient must die within 6 months or they will lose coverage.
Fact: Hospice patients can stay on hospice care for as long as medically necessary while the disease takes its normal course.

Myth: It is difficult to get a person on hospice care.
Fact: It only takes one phone call and Sonata Hospice takes care of the rest.
· The nurse and hospice team are sent immediately to care for the patient
· All necessary medical equipment is ordered and ordered and delivered to the patient.
· Medications are ordered and sent to the home.

Myth: Hospice is a place the patient must go in order to have the services.
Fact: Hospice care is provided wherever the patient calls home, including inpatient care facilities.

Myth: Hospice stops feeding patients and they become dehydrated and starve.
Fact: Hospice encourages patients to eat and drink only what they want. It is natural for some patients not to feel hunger or thirst.