We Honor Veterans

Sonata Hospice understands and respects the great sacrifice our Veterans have made for our country. We strive to honor and care for our veteran patients and their families in meaningful ways that reflect their commitment to our country.

We have partnered with the nationally recognized WE HONOR VETERANS program which enables us to provide veteran centric care to our veteran patients and their families.

We provide veteran centric care to our patients and their families from admission into our care and on through our extensive bereavement program after a veteran passes away.

An overview of our veteran centric services includes:

  • Collecting a Veterans Service History
  • Connection With Local VA Services
  • Accessing VA Benefits
  • Emotional and Spiritual Support
  • Assist with Military Funeral and Memorial Services
  • Legacy Projects
  • Bereavement Program

Sonata is committed to providing excellent care at end of life to our veterans and their families. It is an honor to serve you!